Flower Shop

Flower Shop

Nothing could be simpler than ordering flowers from us. Whether it's Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, a birthday, or just because, Annivia Gardens offers the perfect gift for all occasions. Plants, flowers and much more, Annivia Gardens has a wide variety of products for all the special people in your life. Send flowers from us, and feel confident that you’re making your recipient happy. You can trust that the quality will be without peer, whether you’ve ordered a bouquet of beautiful roses, vibrant tulips, impressive lilies, or lovely Gerbera daisies.

Are you looking for cheap flowers that don’t sacrifice quality for price? We always have unbelievable deals that are guaranteed to give you the best value around. Don’t feel any hesitation when it comes to sending flowers we are here to make sure you get exactly the top-quality products you need.

Annivia Gardens flower shop specializes in providing quality in door and outdoor plants, floral gifts and generally flowers for your corporate or personal giving.

We offer many standard and custom designed floral gifts to assure your gift will offer the personal touch that will be appreciated and remembered by those who are important to you.

We pride ourselves on our creativity and attention to every detail. Flowers from our flower shop will make those who receive them feel special with additional top-quality gifts, unique baskets and the bows and ribbons made with a personal touch.

We will do our best to accommodate deliveries at specific times of day, but we cannot guarantee it.

Our Flower Shop is located near the center of  Paphos, and has everything for your gardening needs. 

A large number of our indoor and outdoor plants are grown at our own nursery ensuing the nest quality and healthy plants grown under local climate. So when you buy from Annivia Gardens flower shop you can be sure they’re fresh and health.