Landscaping Maintenance

Landscaping Maintenance

Perhaps the most important consideration in the development of your new landscape is maintenance. Our maintenance personnel have the education and expertise needed to help protect and nurture your investment.

Our entire staff is always ready to answer your questions or provide additional landscape services to keep your yard looking its best. Planting a garden is half the battle. From the day your garden is planted, it will require maintenance to keep your flowers blooming and looking good all summer long.

Most flowers benefit from having their spent flowers removed. This is called deadheading. Flowers that repeat bloom will often do so only if the old, dying flowers are removed. If they remain on the plant, they will go to seed and stop producing flowers.

Even many flowers that bloom only once per season benefit from deadheading, because the plant puts its energy into strengthening itself instead of producing seed. Some exceptions to this rule are plants like Astilbe or ornamental grasses, that bloom only once, but continue to look attractive with their drying seedheads.

However, when each flower is on its own stem, it is better to deadhead the entire flowering stem, rather than leaving a gangly, headless stem attached to the plant. Here a Scabiosa stem is being cut down to the base of the plant.